Help Me I.D. a Bird

Any birders out there? I’m having trouble IDing a hawk caught on our trail cam. I’m guessing it is a juvenile. The Merlin app is offering Cooper’s Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk and Northern Goshawk, but I still can’t pin it down after looking thru hundreds of Google images. The area is in Minnesota, heavily wooded surrounded by farm fields.

A.M. Temp: 61. DP 59

Wind: Calm

Sky: Sunny

The rainy spell has ended for now. According to our weather station, we received 9″ of rain this month, most of it this last two weeks! It will be interesting to see the drought map on Thursday.

Honey has health problems. The high blood pressure was discovered at the dentist and he’s trying to treat it himself by limiting his sodium intake. That’s not the big problem. For the first time he walked with me last evening. I walked at his pace. His left foot was making a slapping noise. He says it feels like it is asleep. He claims it started yesterday. From what I can gather he’s developed foot drop, which is a symptom of something else–stroke, diabetes, neuro-muscular disease. He’s going to wait to see if it gets better. How do I get a man who hasn’t been to a doctor in 10 years to the doctor???

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August 30, 2021

I guess you just schedule a doctor’s visit then tell him he either goes with you, or he can hold your purse while you go shopping for hours and hours.  🙂

Idk what kind of hawk that is, but s/he’s a beauty.  You are so fortunate to live where you live!!

August 30, 2021

Roger Tory Peterson is classic stuff. Look up his field guides.