Mystery Allium

A.M. Temp: 60F DP 53

Wind: Calm

Sky: Mostly cloudy

I knew yesterday was going to be hectic just having to go into the office but it turned out even worse than I was prepared. The dentist kept me waiting over a half hour, so my half hour lunch break ended up being almost 2 hours which I had to make up at the end of the day. 30 minute commute home, it was 7pm and I still had to fill out the application for mortgage pre-approval. Honey’s filing system is to stack papers in a big pile. I’m not his secretary so I refuse to fix it. But then looking thru the stack for insurance and property tax and bank statements took a chunk of my time. My life is easily accessible online, his is a pile of useless and wasteful paper due to his refusal to do anything electronically. We’re going back to the U.P. tomorrow for a long weekend, and I still have to prepare for that. The stress of yesterday is coming out as pain all over today.

Anyway…blooming now are some sort of tiny allium. They have that onion smell to them. They grow wildly among some hostas. Their leaves look like grass or wide chives. They came with the house.

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September 2, 2021

Those leaves are thin enough to cull a few and put them to work in a salad!!  And I just learned the word “allium” yesterday, and here you are with it today!!

I’m sorry about your dental experience, then your work experience, then dealing-with-the-pile experience.  :'(