Temp 54F Sky Clear

The temperature plummeted 40 degrees from yesterday’s high of 92. It was such an awesome day yesterday, heat, sun, high humidity. I opened all the windows to warm up the house. But the weather was unusual in that we broke a high temp record set in the dustbowl 30’s. I feel guilty enjoying it because of what is causing it.

Stink bugs were out everywhere yesterday, clinging to windows and screens. Last year was the first time in my life I’d seen a stink bug, another indication of climate change.

I swung by the nannyberry bush this morning to see if the berries had ripened and a few were ready to eat.

Here are nannyberry spring flowers from end of May

And here is the berry and seed

The seed is flat like a watermelon seed and almost as large as the berry. The berry tastes like plum but the consistency of thick baby food, not juicy. Very tasty but I couldn’t make a meal of it haha.

Seeing the nannyberries reminded me to check the Concord grapes. With most of my edibles killed off by farmers chemical drift I’d completely forgotten about the grapes. But the birds had not. There are a few left for me.


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2 days ago

im so excited for concord grape season

2 days ago

I think you will really miss all of that when you finally move?  😎

1 day ago

@tracker The great thing about MN and even the large cities is that they are very good at preserving green space and lakes and large parks. I’m not looking at any house that isn’t within walking distance to a park with trails or close to the Mississippi River. And I always find something about nature to marvel at, no matter where I am. So no, I won’t miss this place, I’ll just find something else.

2 days ago

I bet you could make nannyberry jam.  That sounds like it would be really good.