New Bird

Time: 7:55am

Temp: -2F

Wind: Calm

Sky: Sun /Light Fog

Beautiful sunrise today because of the fog over the wetlands and very light frost on the trees. Impossible to capture by camera, but the sky was the color of an orange creamsicle with a bold orange sun in the middle.

Yesterday brought a new visitor to the feeder, a red-breasted nuthatch. The orangy red breast caught my attention, the black stripes across the eye confirmed it. The white-breasted nuthatch are regular visitors, so it was fun to see something new in the dead of winter.

I changed out the thistle feeder last night and refilled it with a thistle/sunflower nut mix. Word got out apparently, because there were a half dozen American goldfinch there this morning.

One rabbit last night and this morning. No new tra

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2 weeks ago

The sunrise sounds lovely!

The field guide tells me that red-breasted nuthatches are “common” in our area year-round, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one.  On the other hand, American goldfinches are among the birds I see fairly often during the year, but — unless I’m misidentifying something — I haven’t seen any, yet, this year.