No Pics

Temp: 56F DP 50

Wind: NW 5-10

Sky: Sunny

I should have worked yesterday instead of taking the day off. If I had worked, the a-hole behind me at the car wash wouldn’t have driven in right behind me and soaped up the back of my car as I was going thru the dryer part. What is it with you people? Can’t you wait an f-ing 30 seconds for the car ahead to get thru the dryer???

And if I hadn’t have gotten my car washed, I wouldn’t have noticed the nice big deep scrape along the back bumper when I returned to my car after grocery shopping.¬† Coincidentally(?) the cart kid was 10 ft away collecting carts. I asked him if he hit my car with a cart. And as soon as he answered¬† “No. Someone else. You should fix it.” I realized he was on the spectrum. I asked the store manager if their camera was on the parking lot. It isn’t. So I have no proof it was the cart kid or a customer. Manager offered to file a claim, but I don’t want to hold anyone responsible without proof. First scratch on my 3 yr old car. I’m still pissed. Even though I know it is such a minor thing in the whole scheme of things.

No pictures today. My head is too full trying to work out my worries to notice anything beautiful.


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