Not Motivated

Time: 5:25pm

Temp: 26F

Wind: Calm

Sky: Snow

It’s been snowing most of the day, nothing heavy, maybe 2″ of the fluffy stuff.  On my way to the grocery this morning I noticed a bird soaring just above the treetops and made a mental note to look it up when I got home. As luck would have it, that same bird was just coming over the trees as I pulled up to my driveway. It headed down toward the field where 5 crows had gathered. They were not happy to see it and chased it off. I’m glad I got a good look at it as it flew over me, so it was easier to ID: a Northern Harrier.

I could not muster the desire to go outside and walk today. I have walked outside every day since I started working from home in October. But not today. I almost feel guilty about it!


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2 weeks ago

What? googles ‘northern harrier’ Like a hawk?

2 weeks ago

@sleepydormouse Yes, a hawk. It was really beautiful because its underside is almost pure white with black just around the feather tips.

2 weeks ago

@elkay Oh wow! 🙂 We have a snowy owl flying about… it was caught on a traffic cam.