Oh Nuts

Temp 66F Sky Hazy

The smell of smoke is strong this morning and the skies hazy from Canadian fires. A cold front is moving in and temps will be chilly all weekend with clouds and showers. Time to plan indoor activities.

The trees are beginning to drop their nuts. It’s interesting how some years there are no nuts and other years, called mast years, there are lots of nuts. Last year it was the basswoods that went crazy.

Here are hickory nuts:

Red oak acorn:

And bur oak acorn:

Oaks belong to the genus Quercus. For some reason I just love this word.

Noticed this woolybear caterpillar last evening.

Nothing planned for the weekend.

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2 weeks ago

Well, at least it’s Autumn where you are.  It’s still Summer and it’s ridiculously hot.  Today it will be 108.  I hate it.  But like you, I do love oaks and yes the name is wonderful!

I thought the fires were in Cali?? WTF? Here too???

2 weeks ago

/Our diary friends in California are also experiencing the smell of fires.  Since you are not doing anything this weekend you might like to participate in the photo story prompt I have set up.  Look for my entry 9/9/22 What Story does this photo tell.  😎