Time: 7:40am

Temp: 30F

Wind:. W Light

Sky: Partly to mostly cloudy

The creatures were celebrating the warm weather this morning: blue jays, crows, nuthatch, cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers all singing and calling.

The sun was warm on my face as I walked east. It is 55 degrees warmer today than a week ago. The January thaw has finally arrived in February. We know it is not the end of winter, but we enjoy the respite when we get it. I’m sure some of the more hardy had their shorts on yesterday. I am not one of them.

Today’s tracks I think are from an opossum. I’m basing my guess on what appears to be a tail impression. I couldn’t see any clean impression from its feet to confirm. The snow is about a foot deep and was quite sticky due to the warm temps.

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