Prettiest Bouquet of the Season

Temp 48F Sky Clear

Heavy fog before sunrise resulted in moisture collecting on the canopy that fell like rain as I walked this morning, despite the clear sky. My feet are wet as well. I must get a pair of walking shoes with rubber, not canvas, toes!

The bouquet I cut this weekend is by far the prettiest all summer. A mix of zinnias I planted this year, aster that i planted from seed 2 yrs ago that reseed themselves, and wild aster from the yard.

I put out a new thistle feeder 2 weeks ago. Birds are very wary of anything new, so I was happy to see this Goldfinch having breakfast. It was also interesting to see it is going through its fall molt from its summer bright yellow to winter’s drab olive.

This mourning dove visits the birdbath every morning.

The hummingbirds remain at the feeder so far but they’ll leave soon.  I have an eye out for the juncos. I dread their arrival because it means winter is not far behind.



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5 days ago

Junco was a new name to me.  I found the information that the genus is from the Spanish word for rush.  The new scientific name for it means “of the winter”.  But, you already knew that.  Ok if I use your flowers in a future entry?  😎

4 days ago

@tracker Yes, you are welcome to use any pictures. Thank you for asking!

5 days ago

That is one beautiful bouquet.  I’m sure your garden is just lovely.  Oh how I wish I had a garden too.