Sand Hoodoos

Temp: 20F

Wind: NE 10-15mph

Sky: Light snow

The picture above was so awesome, I had to post it.  Taken by Terri Abbott at a Lake Michigan beach in SW Michigan, these naturally forming sand sculptures are the result of a perfect trifecta of cold, moisture and wind. I’m not sure if there is a scientific name for them, but some call them sand hoodoos, so that sounds good to me.  Boy would I like to see that in person! They only last a couple of days tops before warmer temps or wind topples them. Very cool.

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota, it is snowing and blowing. They, as in weather people, are still uncertain how much snow we’ll get even now as the event is happening! I guess we’ll wait and see. So far, less than an inch. But the new snow blowing over and filling in on top of the snirt leaves an interesting contrast.


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1 week ago

Those sand hoodoos are intriguing!  I am constantly surprised by the colors, designs, and shapes that Nature in all her glory, comes in!

Stay warm, my friend, stay warm.

1 week ago

That is beautiful….I’d love to see that in person, too!

1 week ago

those are pretty cool! o had never seen those before thanks for sharing

1 week ago

Those are so cool!  I’ve not seen them or heard about them before.  Isn’t nature amazing sometimes?!