Shades of Yellow

Temp: 45F DP 41

Wind: E light

Sky: Sunny

The positive about the cooler temps is it keeps the mosquitoes less active. Saturday they were so bad I couldn’t play outside with my grandson. Drought or mosquitoes, which is worse?

A couple pileated woodpeckers visited yesterday. The hummingbird activity is picking up as they move south from northern Minnesota.

Yellow is one of my least favorite colors and unfortunately there is a lots of yellow as we move into fall.

At top, the field of soybeans is turning yellow.

Zigzag Goldenrod:


The basswood leaves are one of the first to yellow and fall:

The sun this morning over the yellowed corn:

One of the only yellows I like is the sunflowers. These are like 9 feet tall!!

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September 14, 2021

I actually do like yellow.  I like ALL the colors flowers come in and some others besides.  Idk if you know anything about chakras or not, but yellow is the color of the solar plexus.  Your “gut” when you have gut reactions to things.  If you truly dislike this color so much, I would examine your health in that area of your body.  It can be a sign of a disturbance.

And if not, fondly gaze upon those sunflowers.  I wish I had something as beautiful to look at.

September 14, 2021

@novembercirese Interesting. I have numerous food allergies and intolerances. Had an ultrasound of my stomach, pancreas, etc area a couple years ago and all checked out fine. Maybe it’s just my gut feeling that the world around me is disturbing which causes my dislike of yellow!! And yellow has been used to describe cowardly people, which I am not. Who knows!!