Temp: 9F. WC -9

Wind: W 10-20, Gusts 30

Sky: Cloudy, Light Snow

Less than an inch of fresh snow so far and not much more predicted. The strong winds are blowing snow and picking up dirt from the fields, creating what we call snirt–a snow/dirt mix. Already the snow under the top is whiter than the new snow.

My thoughts today are just focused on keeping my head down and away from the blowing snow and getting my laps in. In places, my footprints are erased by the wind and I create a fresh set with each lap. In other places I try to walk in the same place with each lap so it looks like I only passed by once. I must be pretty good at it because last time it snowed, honey commented on how I had only taken one lap when I had actually done five.

Next comes the bitter cold.



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3 weeks ago

Oh man.

I’m so proud of you for continuing your laps in the face of an Arctic breeze.  💜

2 weeks ago

Well of course I had to look up your title word.  snirt: [noun] an unsuccessfully suppressed snort of laughter, although your local definition is fun too.  You certainly do have winter weather!  And like NovemberCirese my hat’s off to you for being so dedicated to your 5 laps per day!