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Twenty years ago, getting my 3 kids (6, 7, 9) ready for school. News of a plane crash, news of more than just a plane crash. Confused, scared parents at the bus stop. Different versions of what was happening. Glued to TV. Spouse kept working at home at the dining room table, as though nothing significant was happening. He not understanding when colleague on phone started crying. After school, I had the kids create paper bag flag luminaries to put on the porch steps. The quiet in the days following, with no planes in the air. The kindness and understanding. Oh, what kindness! 3,000 dead. Another 15,000+US military, contractor, etc from the wars after.

And now, 637,000 US dead in 18 months from Covid. Continued loss of life as people encourage the virus spread and the resulting deaths under the guise of personal responsibility. Yet women aren’t allowed that same personal responsibility when making choices related to their bodies. Voters aren’t allowed that same personal responsibility when voting. Terrorists storm the US Capitol encouraged and defended and downplayed by elected officials. Let off with a slap on the wrist. Hate is celebrated. Kindness is for suckers. Common sense is lost.

What can one person do? Stop vacationing and spending your money in places such as Florida and Texas. Switch your cell carrier from ATT to one that doesn’t contribute money to insurrectionists and election result deniers. Change your beer brand from Anheuser Busch.  Find another insurance provider that isn’t Allstate. Money talks when you aren’t a public speaker.

And vote. You don’t get to complain about today’s troubles if you don’t vote.

Someday, kindness will return.

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September 11, 2021

What a great recap!  Thanks for stating everything so succinctly.  I may borrow some of that, it’s so good!  And I do vote — every chance I get!

September 13, 2021

@ghostdancer Thank you. Feel free to spread the word. So many people think there is nothing they can do, but each of us doing one simple thing, like voting or writing an email, can cause change. I am a long time Toyota owner and when I learned they were contributing to insurrectionists, I joined an email campaign expressing my disappointment, and Toyota changed their tune as a result of our campaign. We the people are watching and we’re holding them responsible, one victory at a time.

September 12, 2021

I agree with Ghost Dancer+.  Very poignant entry and an important reminder that we still have the freedom to vote.