Then & Now – Cotoneaster

Temp: 49F

Wind: Calm

Sky: Sunny

The wild asters are in full bloom and popping up everywhere. I’ve got to hand it to those wild asters–they are just so cheerful even though everything else is dying back. I think they are better suited to spring. They don’t fit well in the death and dying of fall.

Here is the Cotoneaster shrub in June and now.

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September 15, 2021

I really like the cotoneaster bush.  Do birds eat the berries or are they poisonous?

September 16, 2021

@novembercirese I’m a fan too- I love the glossy leaves and it puts out pretty fall colors. The berries aren’t poisonous and birds will eat them, but I’ve noticed the berries hang on into late fall, so I don’t think they’re a bird favorite.