Two Days

Time: 7:25am

Temp: 29F

Wind: S 15-20

Sky: Sunny

I didn’t have time or energy to post yesterday. Temp was 23F, wind calm, sky Sunny. I’m not noticing anything new on my walks. A pair of purple finches visited the feeder yesterday. I haven’t them since late fall. Probably wintering in the tropics of Iowa. Woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, crows continue their symphony each morning.

The end of February looms. The days are noticeably longer. It must be noted that as winter drags on, February does give us some pretty spectacular sunrises such as the one this morning posted above.

There is an end in sight at work, as I just learned my coworker will, in fact, be returning from maternity leave in 3 weeks. After an 11 hr day yesterday, that is welcome news. The long day is due to procrastinators, so I just want to say there is a cost, just not to you procrastinators. I will be kind and friendly in my emails and phone conversations, but I truly hate you for putting me through these long days to meet your end of month deadline you knew about for weeks.


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February 26, 2021

Love that picture. Beautiful!