Winter Shelter

Temp: 30F

Sky: Mostly clear

I wish every winter day could be like the last couple–a little bit of snow, temps in the 30s, sunny.  I’m enjoying it now because tomorrow an Alberta Clipper comes through. Snowfall estimates are anywhere from 2-8″, depending on how far west it moves. I hope we’re on the low end because honey is working major overtime so it will be me clearing the driveway of snow. It gets cold again after tomorrow.

I think about where the birds and other critters go on those coldest nights. Based on tracks and droppings, they hideout in

brush piles

tree holes


and even in the asparagus

Dog ate my breakfast yesterday (an oatmeal sunflower power bite). Just stood up and grabbed it off the counter. I am shocked that he dared do that, the little shit. I only make enough for the week, so tomorrow I won’t have anything.

Spoke with colleague I can confide in and whom I trust who was on same Zoom call about what went down. She said while it could have been interpreted as the manager using me as an example, she did not think that was the case. I will accept her opinion. Because to not accept it only makes me more miserable. I spent the weekend poring over thousands of job openings.  She is looking for another job also. She’ll have more luck as she is 30 and well-skilled in spreadsheets and database management, whereas I am 58 and get by working with spreadsheets and no experience with databases. Oh, the good ol’ days when typing 90wpm was a valued skill!!

Woke up in a sweat last night, my head hurting like the entire membrane surrounding the brain was inflamed. I even did a body part check to make sure everything was working correctly before I allowed myself to go back to sleep. Then woke up from the alarm thinking it was Friday. The day can only go down from there.



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January 13, 2022

I still think you’re lucky to have such a beautiful winter.  I know that snow can be a pain in the patoot, but out here … winter seems to have upped stakes & disappeared.  It looks like sunshine from here on out: an early spring so everything is chronologically off, and then … an early summer with its soaring temperatures.

I too remember the days when 90 wpm was a valued skill!  Like you, I don’t have enough expertise in data bases to be employable these days, although I have mucked about with a few.  I’m better at spreadsheets, but that skill is completely overrun by my age.  I’m almost grateful to be so old & not be under pressure to learn new skills just to stay viable.  I was in the spot you’re in at one time, and it certainly wasn’t comfortable!  Hang in there — keep checking job opportunities.  The job tailor-made for you will come along, I’m sure of it.

And the asparagus bed looks like a very good place to outwit a cold night!

January 13, 2022

We are the same age but you look so young!  I hope you get a new job in which you are appreciated and that you don’t have to know all about data bases.

The animal shelters are amazing, aren’t they?