Earliest memory?

My earliest memory.

Hm,  well… I may have a supressed plethora of memories because the earliest one I am five. I was in a new school in Erie,  starting kindergarten. I was sitting on a floor mat eith 20 or so other kids,  picking their noses or nearly napping while listening to a woman about in her 20s reading a book.  I was scared,  and i was codependently searching for my mother even though it wasn’t anywhere near time to go.  I somehow,  got a papercut and began crying,  not so much over the papercut,  but that the women looked like my mother with dark curly hair.  I just wanted to go home,  i felt fairly alone and scared.  My bus ride was two hours to my house.

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August 9, 2018

I use to hate that feeling as a kid being left at daycare!!!

August 9, 2018

Being in a new place is always scary till you know the routine….

August 9, 2018

My earliest memories that I remember clearly was when I was three.  My friends and I were jumping off a bed in a pickup truck, and he pushed me off the bed.  I flipped to where my head was going to be the first thing that hit the concrete.  I piledrove my head into the concrete, then I got back up acted like I was going to cry but realized that it did not hurt like I was expecting too, lol.  No bruise, scratch, or anything.  My mother rushed over to me like I was going to do die, but I got back and jumped off the truck more, lol.