Grateful for Universal guidance

I am hopeful for a beautiful future, and open horizens that allow me to fluidity and love. I am open to the universe and it’s source to guide the needs through me and back. I will allow myself to be gracious for the warmth of my sheets and the ability of life amongst my weakest moments. I will cherish and do cherish those I still have to carry through these waking moments along for the experience of life. Those I have lost I will remain ever truthful to the spiritual bond that is ever-growing and evolving in their physical loss. Love is transcendent beyond time and space, with the ability to touch lives of any infinitum. I am sure of my purposeful growth amongst those who have made their souls vulnerable to my person amongst theirs as well and choose to love them with highest good and integrity on both spectrums towards self and altruism. Thank you, universe for granting me the power that I am given through you and every breath I am given to drive my plane of future and demonstrative oath expell good nature and leadership to others. In my moments of isolation I will Ponder the deepest seated conquests of self to explore the abilities and truths needed to attain my own evolution at face value, expressions value, inner value and soul value. I will always do my best to find true highest good intentions when extended myself to others as well as those who have helped me to get to a place of comfort. I am willing to expand my higher-self and connect eith my guides for assurance towards my path when battling self doubt. Thank you.

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