Do you ever just feel like your stuck loving someone who is hiding behind pretending to love you.

Why don’t I deserve to be loved correctly?

I’m sorry to everyone i tell not to let their heart win faulty battles just to continue doing it to myself.

Lessons I did learn in the last few years:

Love changes definitions, expands, and becomes transcendent. Love is unconditional.

Just because I am told I deserve something real, doesn’t mean I will get it.

Good people make bad choices.

There are dominant men out there that won’t abuse or hurt me.

My childhood traumas are not gone, they are repressed.

I was meant to raise this child in the family I feel I fit most in even if it’s not the one I was born in, and I don’t want to lose that connection beyond me.

Beauty doesn’t come with makeup.

Endings aren’t failures and ending create new beginnings.

Pain creates pressure, pressure turns to purpose, purpose give us passion.

My career is allowed to evolve and I don’t have to love the one I started in.

Parts of me aren’t all of me, and I am okay to love all my parts.

I can be alone and survive without someone by my side.

I now know what a father looks like although I never missed what I didn’t have.

Less money doesn’t equal less happiness.

Things we don’t have seem so much more important to have.

Men do not fill voids when you are evolving. Spirituality does.

Those meant to be in your life are meant to be there for a reason.

There are lies in our believe systems that we were raised in, cracking those lies is key.

Change your narrative.

Boundaries are beautiful.

People fall out of love, even when you don’t.

Drugs will destroy everything you love if you let them.

People can surpass the damage of their traumas.

Empowerment comes from within.

It’s okay to fall apart and put yourself back together better. .

Not everyone will understand why you’re in pain and you can’t expect them too.

The moments you need someone most may be very lonely, but if you get through it you will find you are your best friend through it all.

Finances are so important.

Art and expression can change how you perceive the world itself.

Trust is earned.

No can be a beautiful word.

A generational cycle break and start with you and be finished by your child.

Some people are born resilient.

A small circle can be suffocating or exciting and inspiring.

What you could’ve done is gone, there is no before, only after.

Your children are your greatest masterpieces.

Popularity means nothing.

Recovery is the future not the past.

Your loved ones are always with you.

God is real.

Wisdom is one of the easiest things to find if you want to.

I am grateful for those I do have even if I still feel absolutely alone at times.

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January 18, 2022

THIS:=”Parts of me aren’t all of me, and I am okay to love all my parts.”

You figured this out so young!  Congratulations to you.  Divide and conquer, til your whole self is under your control, and then let go and flow with your authenticity.

I do disagree with your assertion that what’s done is done; I think we get many go arounds, but we don’t remember them.  Much like electrons consider every path, you know?

January 19, 2022

@sisyphus I like the idea that the past is a map, but what matters is the future, I meet a lot of people that are stuck in their traumas and refuse to grow, but imagine if we truly felt born into this life every minute as if we didn’t remember the past? I see what you are saying and I’ve gone back and fourth with that a lot, but I can see how we manifest cycles by constantly referring to the past.

January 19, 2022

I love this! So much is so true!

January 19, 2022

@mamaqueenie518 thank you just expressing thoughts!

January 28, 2022

I like this

October 5, 2022

I’d like to say that recovery is both the past and the future. Truthfully it comes from reconciling all 3 delves into one complete person again. It was one of the more difficult things I’ve learned.


Keep moving forward.