Memoirs with Jocelyn #1

I can’t really remember the first day I met Jocie. I know we were both in jail and she had arrived about a week after I. She was an officer that had picked up a nasty drinking problem which landed her on drug court. She had decided to do duster in an elevator while at drug court and was found passed out due to her heart condition which in turn got her locked up in jail. We both sat through our entire time together. My sister became very close with her before I did. I had been  very close with an older woman named Kristy, whom was 46. Jocelyn was 36 when I met her. Short, slightly over weight with freckles and dark hair and dark eyes. Two girls from Chicago had been booked and I remember playing skippo with Jocie while watching these girls get admitted for money fraud. The one girl was about 16, the other was 18 like my sister. Whitney, my sister, ended up getting double locked for accidently breaking a tv. Jocelyn was funny, and dark and witty by nature. She was dating a guy named Shawn. He would send her drawings of penises and she would get mad when he wouldn’t call her. I recall her speaking of the relationship with her mother as being pretty strenuous. They had money and her mother worked in some sort of nursing. Jocie used to be very thin and patrolled the local college, she was the fun cop. Fun cops usually don’t last, hence my roomate who was a cop too… but she didn’t talk about it openly in the jail because of her fear of getting hurt by the other girls. There were about 50 girls total in our pod with two levels of individual rooms that housed us individually. We got a metal bunk, a plastic mat, a sheet, a wooly scratchy blue blanket, toilet paper, a bar of soap, toothpaste and tooth brush, and a towel and two suits. The room had a tv in it. It wasn’t a bad place to be locked up, whomever came up with the tv idea was a genius. I always preferred reading and music over the drama of the murray show. Often I would sit in my room and wait for the door to unlock so I could go hang out with Jocie and Whitney. The entire group of people I was friends with in jail died. As sad as it is my friend paige, and amy are thankfully left. I remember someone even got married in jail. Thinking of it gives me shivers thinking about the nasty food and smell. I did love playing spades though. Jocelyn went back to a mental health house and I went to rehab for nearly a year.


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January 8, 2020

Have you seen any of these people who didn’t die in jail?

January 11, 2020

I can’t imagine how rough it would be to be a cop on the wrong side of the law. At least, some people liked her enough to remember her fondly.