My addiction story. (short version)

Heres my story to share,

I wrote this on my phone so the grammar isnt great.
Eight years ago i was a smart, spoiled highschooler going through a typical breakup. While trying to feel better i met a guy addicted to opiates. We began seeing eachother and i began doing opiates regularly. I continued to use after school and thought i became in love, but our relationship was me relying on his drugs. I spent that year trying to get through school, losing friends and excusing my withdrawl as colds and missing school. The relationship became abusive, but i stayed. I skipped my 11th grade year and graduated early while still using. I began partying heavily but relying on opiates for anything. I got pregnant with my daughter the summer of 13 and started college just to drop out. I worked at a gas station and quit all drug use. After i had my daughter i began going out a lot and used opiates again. Within a month i was using everyday. I became a cna and started making better money that went no where. After a year my bf brought home heroin and said it was crushed pills, i knew something was wrong but continued using. I lost almost 80 lbs, and could barely make it to work. I began shooting heroin after a few months and engaged in illegal activities to support my habit. I lived in a car that was unregistered and unlicensed.. After getting deep into the lifestyle, I quit my job and went to florida after stealing a lot of money. I was in and out of 14 rehabs in florida with my bf, i was drugged by a stranger, watched someone get shot, ended up watching people overdose and more things i cant talk about. I came home after six months and relapsed again with my younger sister who was also addicted. When i got home i had a slew of charges to face. I got a posession charge, multiple driving without a license, stolen checks and stolen property. I went to jail on six warrants after trying to bail my bf out. I was in jail for 3 months and detoxed off a 2 gram aday habit with 32 charges over my head in two states. I was put on papers and sent to rehab, in long term i pled to more charges in another state and was only given 1 based on being six months clean… I went to a halfway house where i got into my steps, had a home group, and helped run the house, i applied to take the enterance exam for the nursing program. After a year i came home to my beautiful daughter, got a job and got accepted into the nursing program. My cna was given back to me after proving myself to the state, but i lost 2 jobs in the process. I was dating a guy that relapsed and in the process was sent to jail after doing nothing, but trying to save his life. He went to rehab. I missed some school, but was let back in and made all my time up. I got my license back and never missed any appointments or meetings. In may i graduated the court system and had all of my charges dropped because so many people wrote letters to the court for me. I am now working as a nurse at the place that fired me based on my background check, everyone at work knowd my story and holds me accountable, i have real friends, and more importantly a relationship with my daughter. I lost 2 very close friends to addiction and they both helped me get where i am. In september i will have 2 years clean and go back to school to further my nursing career. You can do it, even if you did heroin with dirty needles in tim hortans bathroom and overdosed, you can do it. You don’t have to die, you might gain weight, lose friends, feel insecure, get in another bad relationship, lose a job and maybe even relapse but you can do it. It gets better, just keep coming back.

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July 26, 2018

Powerful entry.

Well done on 2 years clean. 🙂

August 3, 2018

Your story sounds exactly like the stories of  former students of mine. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.