Sounds sad but yeah

The silver lining is seemingly gray

When rainstorms don’t wash our worries away

And all the prayers stay locked in a box

Where we hold the key but are too scared to unlock

So we just hold on to the gray lining high in the sky

Hoping it may look silver to the dying human eye

But reality holds true that it’s just the darkest storm coming

And it will find us now matter the speed that we are running

So we bundle up in sweaters to keep out the cold

Smile under masks to pretend we care about what we’re told

Pay for our cigarettes with our last twenty rolled

and wonder how life became so bleak and fucking dull ..

Until the sun returns on a monotonous day

we open our blinds and let fresh air in to play

Pretending we care about the things we do or say

Just to be reminded the silver lining is always gray.



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October 27, 2021

I like this .