Using today to catch up on movies

I am finally getting around to watching movies that I brought a long time ago and never watched. First I am watching last years Star Wars. It is pretty good so far. I am surprised to see a little comedy in this one. Seems like Star Wars has changed with the times like everything else.

Anyway, next is Wonder Woman and after that the Beauty and the Beast live action movie. If I am still in a movies mood after all of that, La La Land will be up next. I paid for all of these, might as well watch them.

I am grateful for a rainy day today because rain = quiet. It got a little noisy yesterday with everyone out and about. The neighbors have their tent set up and they were laughing loudly until after midnight. Oh well, it is a holiday weekend.

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May 27, 2018

Have fun and enjoy….

May 27, 2018

I loved Wonder Woman. Enjoy!