Completely Lost

I never thought my life was terrible. I never thought I was a bad person. I never thought there was nothing out there for me. But now, that’s my life.

My childhood is riddled with neglect, abuse, molestation, abandonment. But I believed It was so I grew up to be different. Strong, to be there for others. I was wrong. I was cursed the moment I was conceived.


To this day (29 years ) I have no family, no friends, relationships are chaos, especially this one.


I met a man that I thought, and acquaintances of our thought, would be the one. We all thought he was sweet, kind, giving, polite, well rounded. And at first the spark and the electricity was nothing anyone had ever imagined. I was his godess and him my god. Now its a battle between heaven and hell.


Hes sent my children away, im alienated, I live in the “dog house” and he cant even tell me why or let go. But neither can I.


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