And now

My bro is in jail, too. Too bad they’re not in the same one because I’m pretty sure they’d be talking a lot. Anyway, hes innocent. No, wait… hear me out.

Hes got larceny charges. He drove a vehicle his ex reported it stolen because she thought he was cheating and i will be honest, he probably was but he drove it and that’s what happened.  My mom actually got this jeep out of impound while he was in jail the last time. The issue is, he also technically jumped bail by missing his court hearing that he was not aware of because they sent that to his last known adress which was with HER. She reported it stolen but couldn’t drive because she has several DUIs. Honestly it should all get dropped, she won’t show but state is pressing on with it, and they can’t if she doesn’t show.

My mom has written stuff from her stating she would turn it over in his name, and i guess ended up totaling the jeep anyway.

Its just craziness.

And hes exactly where he needs to be until his hearing which is tomorrow.

They want snow. Significant snow. You know I’m excited.  Lilly been off from school all last week from a cold that wasnt quite strep.

Shes fever free tho. Shes going…. IF they have school.

Rich quit working for dude that pays 600 a week for the racetrack again, who will not ever pay him a dime. Meanwhile, my truck still needs to be fixed and we will fall behind again on bills for this shit. Yaaaa not happy.

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