I listened

To the way his dad spoke about me while he was on speaker phone. And while it truly upset me to hear what others think of me, i also kept in mind that hes an abusive man.  What bothered me a bit more is that he didn’t even stick up for me. Just told us to shut up and then ultimately he says he hung up on his dad.

I was explaining to him things he just should just be minding his own business about.  Thats fantastic that he qualifies for blah blah blah and stupid shit but WE don’t.

He said he would come here and slap my mouth shut.

And of course i told him he is more than welcome to try it and i refuse to be disrespected by him.

Anyway, I’m mad.

Who tf you think you are?

Hes a grown ass man who slipped out on you to live here

Thats the real problem because money isn’t in your pocket, anymore.

I am not sorry. He burned his bridge with me



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