I think I’m with venting

Well, about him anyway. Yes I’m still mad and always will be. Mostly because our girl deserved better.

I saw i had posted basically the same thing a few years ago after she was born.

Tossed us to the side like trash.

So in other news, i lost an old friend the other day. Apparently she had been out w hubby, complaining about headaches and boom.

I guess a blood vessel broke. I believe it ended up being terminal.

Man. She was definitely a good lady. I knew her from HS. Wevkept in touch. She had actually come to my rescue when i lived w Wendi and the dick had a manic moment. After i got out of there, we laughed all night. I came to see her after the baby was born and we just used to chat a lot via fb. Married her hs sweetheart, 29 years they were married. Oh and the way she laughed so easily just instantly lit up any room and now her laughter will light our stars.

Sad shit.

I got fb jail again.

I literally said i would chop it above her neck, next time.

Taken out of context completely since i was literally discussing a few days ago when she chopped her bangs all up while i was sick.

I disputed, lost immediately and took it to the board who may or may not review it.

Then they decided to dig all the way back to 2014 and something i said in the summer they removed and i have no idea wtf it even was. Hate.


I really can’t wait for something better to take over. The mod bots are just insane.



Oh and county messed up my paperwork again. So tomorrow my son has a half day but not my girl. I will get it sorted after i get him. They said it was incomplete but didn’t specify what i needed to complete.  I called 8 times. 4 messages. No response.  No clues online either though i haven’t checked, today. Maybe i should



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