Not good.

Maybe i am too nice.

A good friend of mine from hs married her hs sweetheart.  They grew up together and had kids and now those kids are in their 20s.

I only saw her once or twice in the many years we’ve been friends and her laughter was just so contagious. We kept up w each other online and chatted frequently.

Sadly, She passed away a few months ago.

I knew of her husband but was never really close w him. We belonged to some meme groups together and i even helped moderate a few… i invited him to ours many years ago and thats about the extent of it.

He asked about her rememberance day and if i would attend but unfortunately w my kids and my car i was unable to go.

Fast forward a few months later….

Now hes asking me out to dinner.


Now what.


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May 24, 2023

Maybe talk with him first? Find out what his intentions are and if they are romantic in nature, let him know how you feel about that. It’s possible he just wants to remember her with one of her friends.

No matter what you choose to do, I want to give you my condolences and wish you luck.