part 2

I realized that while writing i forgot to write down the rest.

So, saturday I stayed in the kids room, he locked himself behind doors.

We fought and texted and had mentioned a week prior that he wanted to have some people over for Super bowl.

I was all on board but then i realized that his one friend is nothing but a straight up enabler who wont really say whats right or

wrong, he just wants to be by his side, and is afraid to get him angry.

And is also Bi polar.

And encourages his behaviors.

Anyway, I told that dude off, and said he’s no longer welcomed inĀ  my home and that was that. blocked.

the reason for this was because I had noticed he unfriended me, so i asked why and he was all like Oh, I’m just gonna stay back, I did it to him too, but then he rerequested and we’re okay. Ya, no. You don’t bs me. I know you did it to try to encourage him to be single, too. Dude was always here. had nowhere else to go. ALWAYS HEREEEEEEUH

Annoying AF, and never contributed anything. i was just done done.


I see him encouraging flirtatious behaviors online with my guy and well, no matter what way you look at it, its emotional cheating.

I know it well.

I’ve been here. And he was FUCKING CAUGHT. I set up an account and saw the shit posting he was doing, saw all the live chats and all the attention seeking bullshit, and i mean go for it. but the facts are, He did what he did to me, he promised me he’d not do that stuff again, because it destroyed us, sneaking calls to other chicks, ignoring TF out of me.

So, we got into an argument, and it reminded me of years ago when i caught him with side dish.

And i felt sick, and he was saying he wanted to go back to prison.

He has assault charges for hitting that side chick, and was why he got into prison to begin with. Anyway, I didnt call for him to go back to jail, I called to get him HELP.

they suggested i try for a 302, so i did but that failed too.

The health system failed ME.

In either case, its noted, I called both of his counselors and Im waiting on one to talk with.

So then he spent the entire evening up in the bedroom, chatting and laughing about my calling the cops, to everyone.

Calling me all kinds of crazy names, crazy laughter.

Ya. those people are encouraging his bad behaviors.

His family that know and love him are not, and hes not talking to them, either.




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