I made it almost the whole day but then broke down crying this evening while looking for pics. Ive been entertaining a dude just so i get company,  but i think hes a scammer. His profile said hes german, and from ny.

I asked him, he said hes canadian, but loves USA. His number suggests California. He says hes a trader.

Hes already in love with me… and its day 3 of chatting him up…

So that’s weird to me. He has two 4 year old boys…. asked me if we could get a dog.

Told me he could work anywhere if i wanted to stay in the US.

Told me hes fallen for me.

Its all just weird stuff. I know the translation is lost, somewhere.  We will see.

Anyway if it prevents me from writing to him, i will do whatever it takes. Hope i get a vehicle,  tomorrow

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