still ghosting

Its really a learned behavior and its kinda sickening.

Its not that he ghosted me, but that he also ghosted our daughter.

its all so heartbreaking and it isnt necessary. But i get the fight or flight attitude. Its something he needs to deal

with. But in the meantime i broke down about 5 times yesterday over all of this.

Then, hes on tinder. My heart broke in half when i saw that. What was I doing on there?

I had a hunch he was And i went looking and i found it.

So, as long as he has other people to justify his behavior, he will not get the proper treatment or counseling.

He is supposedly getting tatts this week, and he has his childrens name on him.

He is going for the other two, and excluding Lillian completely.

He’s getting a spider web on his elbow which means he’s spent time in prison.

Thats really nothing to brag about, but whatever.

Today, I’m going to work on my etsy shop and just try to do what i can to enjoy my day with Lillian.

i really need distractions and redirections, I really miss him.

We shall see.


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