NoJoMo 6: Rearranging

Last night I got super stir crazy and desperately needed to rearrange all of the furniture in the living room, but Ryan wasn’t super into my ideas so instead I just jumped around on the couch for a while.

But today I was still super stir crazy, so I vacuumed everything and did all the dishes and did several loads of laundry and still couldn’t sit still so Ryan and I rearranged everything. Because he is a perfect husband and human being in general, even though he was skeptical of my new floor plan he helped me do it.

Now when I sit on the couch, I can’t see the kitchen. It makes my soul happy. I haven’t had a kitchen separate from my living room in five years, and it always feels dirty and cluttered even when it’s clean, and it’s always dark so it makes the living room feel darker. But right now I’m sitting on the couch and the living room feels like a living room, because I can ignore the kitchen behind me. I walked “out of” the kitchen earlier after doing more dishes, turned off the light, and felt like I was in a different area of my home. It’s glorious. It might be a little tighter when my parents are around next week, but I feel so much better.

And I don’t think Ryan completely hates it, at least.

We’re considering getting a couple sets of sheers to hang up across the room so we can section it off entirely. That would be lovely.

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SHEEEERS! Sheer all the things. I support it.