NoJoMo 7: Pet Squirrel

We have a squirrel who runs around in our yard all the time. He’s hidden several of his winter nuts right outside one of our windows. The first time I saw him all I saw was his tail in our window well and I thought he was a hedgehog, so obviously we named him Sonic. Whenever I see Sonic run by, I say hi; if I go a couple days without seeing him I get worried about him.

The last few days we’ve had another squirrel running around our yard regularly. He’s missing half his tail. This morning I said to Ryan, “I’m thinking about naming him Stubby.” Ryan said that was a good name. Then I said, “Actually, what about Tails? It would be kind of ironic…”

So now we have two pet squirrels, Sonic and Tails.

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