Alone Again

How did I end up alone again. Literally my entire house went out to dinner without me. No invite. No notice. We have a guest visiting this week. They know I love social outings. They know I love the food that was had tonight.

All I received was a simple text after work.

“Where are you…..”

Me: “Picking up some things at the store and getting gas……need anything?”


“Are you home???”

Me: calling to ask if they want any food as I finish paying at the store

”we went out to eat at __________ restaurant”

Me: ok I guess I will get something to eat on my own.



Why do I get left alone. Why do I let these things bother me. I am use to this happening to me so often all the way back to childhood. In my 30th year of living, shouldn’t I be use to this feeling by now. How come it feels so much worse now.

End note. I still enjoyed that same meal from the restaurant. Only thing different was the environment. Sitting alone in my kitchen. At least I still enjoyed my meal.


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