Lock Picking Chronicles: Mastering The Pick

As you may recall from my entry before this, My Stuff Is NOT Safe, I started a new hobby of lock picking. I picked my very first lock, the pad lock that I use at the gym to keep my valuables safe, in under 2 minutes.

Well, I decided to ratchet up the challenge. Instead of picking a generic lock from China, I wanted to try my hand at picking something more secure. It was time to go lock shopping.

While at the store, I saw a Brinks lock that looked like a good challenge. I turned it over and right there on the back of the package it admitted to ONLY having 4 pins. That’s not very secure, people. That’s when I saw the Master Magnum Lock model M1XDLH. It was very impressive looking. It had a security rating of 9 out of a maximum level of 10. I knew this was going to be my next challenge for only the second lock that I ever attempted to pick.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to get picking. I got out my nearly brand new lock pick and tension tool (I used bottom of the key way tension, as my top of the key tension bar wouldn’t fit the narrow key way), and I got to picking.

I’m sad to say that I was able to pick it open in less than one minute. So much for my secure, new $11 dollar MAGNUM lock. It didn’t even have a single Security Pin. Disappointing.

I guess for my next challenge I’ll move onto door locks and see just how secure my house is. Does anyone of you want me to test my new skill on your house? 😁


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April 11, 2019

Why are you learning to pick locks?  Planning a change in career?

April 11, 2019

@williamthebloody No change in career. I make good money programming. 😉 The lock picking think is a hobby; a puzzle.