A Refugee Of The Old OD

I am a refugee of the old OD.  It was 2001.  I made many friends in the OD but they are lost to the winds of time. It is bitter sweet looking back.  I hope to find them again someday.  Here is one of my first entries.


‘Tis a formless ill wind bringing unwanted emotions. 

Aye, emotions from long ago.

The thing follows me everywhere, it is fate’s scheme to imprison me. 

Life is a battle at best.  And at its end none shall prevail against it.

Wherefore whence come thee from thy journey? 

Better to have lived a short life as a warrior with glory and purpose than a long one imprisoned by fear and despair.

To live a mediocre life ’til death’s embrace is death nonetheless.

So this Warrior Knight chooses to die living at the speed of light.

Far better to live a Warrior’s riotous life of slings and arrows then to whimper away in a the dark.

Therefore take up thy shield and thy sword and advance to battle! 

See that the purpose of battle and struggle is to feel the thrill of being triumphant!

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December 11, 2018

I hope you’re able to reunited with some of your friends from 2001.

December 11, 2018

None of the friends I had on here are back. But have some on Facebook. Making new friends on here this time around

#newfriend 🙂

December 12, 2018

I’m also a refugee. I honestly can’t remember what year I joined OD. I know I had the Teen Open Diary and the Free Open Diary before it became just Open Diary. So it had to be about 1999/2000-ish I think.

December 12, 2018

Hello from a fellow refugee! I am going to try to reconnect, too. Your name looks familiar, I don’t think we were friends or anything, but I may have read you before. Just saying hello, it’s good to see people from back then =)

December 15, 2018

Well then Bohe, we better start making NEW friends!