Making Love To The Wind

It was a pleasant conversation one hot dusty afternoon, talking to the wind.

In a drowsy afternoon stupor I held myself erect, back against a cherry tree when she breezed by me.

“Wherefore are thee on sojourned” I ask sleepily as she fluttered through the leaves.

“On my way to the coast” she replied in her soft breezy way.

“What’s the hurry” I encouraged, “stay and talk to me a spell.”

“You are a pleasantly cool breeze and the sun does beat fierce beyond the shade of this cherry tree.”

The wind seemed to gather and circled me in her cool caress.

“Ah,” I said, feeling my little wind friend kiss me.

“I’m on the way to the sea where salty air and fog tendrils reach out to sooth me” she said.

“To the coast” I repeated.  Far off I saw the great mountains forming a mighty wall across the land.

 “Oh, my friend” I cautioned, “the mountains are so high and impassible, why not seek coolness in the summer rains at yonder approaching darkened clouds?”

My little wind friend shudder as she ruffle through my hair.

“Yonder dark clouds birth terrible circle winds that tear the grass and uproot mighty trees and would take your pretty cherry tree. They are a danger to me.”

 I swear I felt my little wind friend tremble in fear of those monsters Nados born of wind shear and dark stormy clouds of lightening and rain. 

I must confess, my heart did stir from her soft spoken fear, and if I could, I would have hugged her and kissed her and held her close.  Love has no bounds and feelings have no limits and I know she felt my wish to love her.

And in those precious moments somehow we bridged the impossible. Together we made magic and we made love and we knew it would never happen again.

Nothing lasts forever and so ever so lightly she caressed my hair and whispered “And now I must go.”

My heart did tremble in fear at her leaving so soon.

“Wait”, I said. “I have a gift for you so you will remember me long time passing”

I felt her circle about me puzzled by how I might tender yet another gift.

With a knowing smile I said “carry this with you through the trees and meadows and sea surf and wherever you may go.  Until we meet again.

Softly I sang her a love melody to remember me by.

“I will carry it always” she said as the last of her caressed my hair and breezed on her way to the great mountains. “I will carry it always.”

Years have come and years have passed and from time to time I feel her near when the chimes in my garden play and the cherry tree branches sway to the melody I sang to her so very long ago.

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December 10, 2018

Reminds me of a lost love.. how sad.