Road Warrior

So there I was, past midnight, riding Harley through the cool of the night.  The soft green glow of the dash keeps me company.  The wind swirls through my hair.  My eyes intent on the road yet the rest of me lost in a sea of thoughts. 

The radio began playing a song about don’t think about yesterday’s lost could-have-been’s.  The doors to the past now closed and I suppose we move on. 

The night demands a bright light and as in life, dim them at your peril.  Now looking back; looking back to souls that crossed my path.  Some brighten me and some dimmed me.

Yesterday’s tenuous friendships in spring bloom now faded into bittersweet memories as autumn leaves.  Looking back, thoughts swim through a sea of past events and life debris.  .  . things that might have been, chances I passed up.  Here and there I followed the correct path, not out of wisdom, but by the fates favor.  Didn’t listen to my friends so suffered a bruised heart when my love filled eyes failed to see that I was being used as temporary amusement. Such was the torment of my pink cheeked crisp lettuce years.

On through the star twinkling night I drove with no particular destination in mind.  Chanced upon my theme song of burning bridges and the friends I left behind.  Given the wish to go back and relive it with more wisdom would I?  Nay for surely the magic of those burning memories would dull under the glare of too much insightful detachment.   The magic of unforeseen innocent discovery remaining unharvested and unstageable for later reflective savoring on mental taste buds. 

The soft green glow of the dash keeps me company.  The wind swirls through my hair and wipes away bittersweet tears.  The song is my girlfriend .  .  . for a little while. 

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