Family? What family?

So since my mother has passed away 9 months ago, my brother has become a complete asshole. He’s my mom’s executor for her estate. The only time he communicates with me or our sister is about money. Only through text. He married a girl from a wealthy family. She’s a complete bitch who thinks she’s too good  for us. I hate her. My brother also thinks he’s too good for us now. I mean this has been for years. He only associates with her family. Now my mom is gone, he basically cut us off totally. Screw him and definitely screw her. I only feel sad because I do love my nephews and my niece. One of his sons does have that I’m too good attitude though. I mean come on the kid is 17 in high school and drives a Lexus suv. I can’t wait until the estate is closed so I don’t have to communicate with him at all. Well bye asshole u gave up the only blood family you have

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2 weeks ago

I am sorry for your losss

2 weeks ago

Lexus suv, EW. That’s a mom car. Not a show off car. He drives a Toyota.

1 week ago

The loss of a parent is hard enough without the added stress of a sibling being difficult. I am sorry for your loss.