New To Open Diary

I’m saying hello because I am under the impression someone will read this and to not say hello would be rude. I’m excited to have found this space to unleash at least some of my thoughts anonymously onto the public.

It’s a strange thing to desire, for others, specifically strangers to become privy to some of your deepest/personal  thoughts. I have filled up note sections on numerous devices and while  writing things down is somewhat cathartic i for whatever reason feel as though some things should be released into the wild. Set free from my mind and this little block of technology.

Facebook used to serve that purpose to a degree  but now it’s gotten to the point where instead of feeling as if maybe I sparked someone’s imagination or  got them thinking a different way about a subject I just sense judgement.

To be perfectly honest I don’t give a fuck about judgement. The subject matter and topics I’m interested in talking about, discussing, sharing and learning about are some of the most widely debated subjects known to man. People have been killed, Wars have been fought and kingdoms burnt to the ground and forgotten forever over them.

I told myself that this first post wasn’t going to go on and on so ill leave you all with this.

If you are offended by reading a complete strangers belief regarding what may happen to be your religion then I advise not coming back. However, if you are confident and knowledgeable about what you believe then  what I have to say could provoke a response which could then lead to both us learning something. At the very least maybe it’ll be entertaining.

Spiritual beliefs and the many different systems those beliefs are a part of. Our true purpose, what happens when we die, society, rules, wrong and right, relative knowledge vs true knowledge.

Those are pretty much going to be the points of interest in my posts. Would be cool if people read them and got something from it.

I’m super sleepy and have to be up in six hours for work so I’m abruptly ending this ent…..




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January 24, 2022

Hi, it’s definitely an interesting outlet and I think it can be helpful for people to put their thoughts out for people but sort of hide behind a anonymous profile at the same time. Welcome to Od 👋🏼

January 24, 2022

You have me curious about what you will say about religion

January 25, 2022

Oh well met indeed!

Have at it so not hold back tell us how you feel though if I may offer unsolicited advice…

It is easy to loop a thought process you thought you were purging.  Ranting feels good but don’t forget to write when contemplating too.

January 25, 2022

Well, it’s reassuring to have gotten a few quick, welcoming and  open minded replies. What did you mean exactly by this?  “don’t forget to write when contemplating too.”

January 26, 2022

Thank you for the query.  We find that a few WTF when appropriate quell miscommunication down the road.

So… we found when we started writing, and we started writing as a tool of introspection, and we think this is a Life thing, not just a human thing, to understand.  And our internal states are pretty fucking interesting, we humans, so it calls for introspection, so we think we are one of many that write to understand what is inside, and this in hopes to better understand how it all relates to the outsides, yeah?

As such, I mean that it is easy to talk about what happened and how it made you feel, the true power comes in when you start asking the why’s of it all…  why did it happen, why did you feel that way.   This introspection is contemplation, and the pen becomes the lamp that guides the Fool.  We love metaphors to a fault, but we hope this helps.

January 26, 2022

ps, it also relates to how when we dwell on a thing, it creates ruts in our thought processes, or solidifies the brain waves, which might be useful for tuning in to the wonderfulness of life, so I like to keep mine uncalcified.

January 26, 2022

but first and foremost, it was not a haughty ‘don’t just rant’

Those have their place.  Writing gives us space to look at our thoughts, but first we have to get them out so we can organize them,


January 25, 2022

Atheist here.