Depression sets in!!!!

So today is the beginning of my depression week. I know i am not suppose to let it bother me anymore,but every year it seems to just get harder. I am speaking of the death of my youngest child on Valentines day. Yes it kills me every year. She died of leukemia. And i grieve for her every year. My husband tries to do something with me every year to cheer me up but it always starts about this time every year. Today we found out my sister/Best friend is pregnant and i am having a hard time carrying a child.But i am happy for her. I know this week is going to be hard but i am strong and i know i can beat this.


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February 11, 2019

No matter who it is grieving is a long process and seems to never end no matter who it is….I am sorry you have to go through this.

February 12, 2019

@jaythesmartone THANK YOU jay you made my feelings seem important as do the people i live with so thank you for validating them