Made a mess out of a granny square

Well yesterday i tried to make a granny square.I use to make them all the time.But i have not made them in a long time.So yesterday i tried to relearn how to start them.But it looked like a star to me and to my husband he said it looked like a circle.So I guess i should keep trying.Cause one thing about me people learn real fast is i don’t quit.I am beginning to think that not quitting is a curse.But it is also a good thing.Because with me not quitting i am a strong woman.And i can handle what is wrong with me.And i can handle people turning their backs on me.I have had to handle people turning their backs on me a lot.I try hard not to let what others say or do bother me.But i also try hard to not let negativity bother me.But i do try to be positive even when there is nothing but negative people around.

One thing i have learned is that you can not let others stress and drama affect your life or the way your gonna live your life.Because the way your gonna live is up to you and not others.It is not always easy to cut the toxic people out of your life but it is a necessary evil.Because if you don’t it is like not cutting off your foot if it has gangrene infection.It is the same way with toxic people.Now people would cut that foot off,why wouldn’t you cut the toxic out of your life as well.

So this is why i am the way i am today.So i am going to keep trying to work on a granny square and i am gonna keep on moving forward with my health.I am also going to keep fighting to keep my life and health going in the right direction.

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December 14, 2018

Star, circle, square, it’d look good any which way in the end!

December 14, 2018

@whitepianosky thanks so much i am gonna give it a second go here in a few i literally just got home