Today might be a good one.

Well today may be a good day.Even though it has just started for me.My right knee is still giving m grief and i am waiting on the doctor to call me.So they can tell me when y M.R.I will be. So i know when i will be having surgery.He already said my Christmas might suck.So here i am stuck in bed and my knee is resting but the pain is unbearable.I hate feeling the way i feel.But i am lucky i got a wonderful man and a great son here to help me and a very good friend.I am so happy to have a good support group.

I am gonna try to make cookies later.It is that time of year.And i have two types of bread to make and about four types of cookies to make i still wanna make a good Christmas for my family.I don’t want my health to be a deterrent for them not to have them a good Christmas.I will close for now and i will write more at another time.


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