Well today is my husbands Birthday!!!!

Today is my husbands birthday!!! So i have been cooking and trying to make this the perfect day for him and that is what i always do on his birthday. I just wish other people would have thought to call him and wish him a good day. Even people we call our children, they did not even call. But it is all good cause i guess this just goes to show us who remembers when we were there for them. But it is all good. Cause i am here for him and our 2 sons are as well. And i am determined to make this birthday the best day yet this year for him.

And to kick it all off i am pregnant. I know it is not something i probably should write here but i am. We have been trying to have children and i keep miscarrying. I just want to have a baby with my husband and i know he wants one with me as well. And i know we will one day when the goddess is smiling down on us.I will write more tonight or even tomorrow.

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March 3, 2019

My parents called and said Happy Birthday to my hubby and my son messaged hubby to say Happy Birthday and his idiot brother phoned at 11:40 PM to wish his brother a happy birthday.  that to me is really rude, especially on a work night.  But then the idiot didn’t call me on my birthday so go figure…What I generally do is not buy or phone to give or wish people a happy anything.  I am sorry your family is so ignorant