Man Strike

So i am officially on a man strike!!!!!!!!!!  I’m just so bitter against men right now that i guess i need a break to just do me.  All the men i seem to come across right now just want sex.  I mean i love sex, who doesn’t, but i’m at the age and spot in my life that i am ready for a relationship and am looking for someone who will love me for me.  I am not willing to settle, and if all u want is sex, you’ve come to the wrong girl.  I’m not that picky and i don’t ask for much, i just want a nice, caring, honest, fun man that i am attracted to.  But all the men i attract are jerks, don’t respect woman and want me to put out within the first week……… its so agrivating.  Oh well, i’m going to concentrate on me and i’m swearing men off for awhile.

This week has been a rough week for me in many aspects, one of which was the passing of my aunt.  My aunt passed last weekend, which was something i was expecting.  I had been told she was in the hospital but they hid our serious it was.  I couldn’t go visit her because i was very sick with a very bad cold and they do not allow u to visit like that, but they kept saying she was fine, she wasn’t fine.  I dn’t understand why my family hides everything.  It makes me so mad because i did not get to see her before she passed and that really upset me.  It was sad because she wasn’t even that old but ever since her daughter died she has not been the same so in some ways it may have been for the best.  When i heard the news i was very upset but it was like it hadn’t really hit me yet, but as soon as i hit the cemetary for her funeral it hit me hard that she was gone.  I just started to cry and i could not stop.  It was a hard day for me. Its been a hard week but i’m staying positive and keeping my head up, its not going to get the best of me yet!!!!!!!

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May 24, 2011

Im so sorry about your aunt. *hugs* sometimes people are secretive because they cant admit the truth to themselve. Men who only want sex suck… so um yeah go on a man strick against them! haha 🙂