10 Years Together

<— More pictures that-a-way!

Just a couple of weeks before Chris and I got married, Tammy and Jeremy celebrated their 10th anniversary.  She and I have been best friends almost as long.  When they came out to DC for our wedding reception in December, I did a photo shoot with them in Old Town.  It turned out wonderfully!  This was really the first true portrait session I’ve done, and I really feel like I got into my style groove with it.  We did large prints of a couple and some 5x7s for table top frames, plus they now have a digital collection of photographs of just them.  They’ve never had portraits taken, so Tammy was almost in tears (the good kind!) when she first saw them.  Mission: accomplished!

We got the biggest print of this one to hang in their bedroom.  20×30 if I remember correctly.

Did an 11×14 of this one.

We did a 5×7 of each of the next three to frame in a series.

And here are some of my favorites from the rest of the set.




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January 22, 2013

These are so full of awesome. My favorites are the two black and white ones, but… seriously, all awesome!

January 22, 2013

Beautiful pictures! You are very talented 🙂

January 22, 2013

love these! great job! and also..can you not be gone as long next time? thanks ;p