Poems I Lost

I walked on my lunch break to an authentic Mexican diner

near work. My car was being a shit. Again.

I walked along the sidewalk, my smart flats slapping the hot pavement and I saw

a flower

growing out of the crack in the sidewalk, right there in the center, 8 inches tall and proud as could be.

I bent down and examined the perfect yellow and white and green. I touched it.

I wanted it for my own. A reminder. The lesson. Grow where you can.

I’d press it into paper and keep it always!

I left it for someone else to enjoy, but I felt sad about it.

I walked to that diner and ate and wrote poems in pink pen about that flower on

napkins that I lost

but they were

beautiful like that determined flower, trying with

all it’s might to exist in a place

it shouldn’t be.

Just like me.


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June 15, 2020

Love this poem of survival. Of existing and thriving in places that we maybe shouldn’t. Resilience is beautiful.