A blessing in disguise

The university exam period spans over a month and I had all my 5 exams within the first 3 days of the exam period. Could you imagine how packed was that!? I ranted a lot about how little time I have for studying. And how I wish my exams would be more spaced out.

Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise

My boyfriend just received a job offer in the UK on Friday (7-May) and would leave Hong Kong next week. He has been meaning to tell me once all my exams have ended. So if my exams were to spread out till the end of May, I would not have the chance to meet him more often before he leaves and never come back.

While I am very heart broken to learn about this news, I feel very blessed and grateful at the same time – for we get to spend this extra week together, before we part ways.

As for whether we would do long distance relationship, the short answer is no. But who knows what would happen in 5 years time, maybe I would be relocated to London, or he would come back to Hong Kong.

Everything that is meant for me will not miss me. I trust that everything happens for the betterment of me. While I could not change the fact that he is leaving so soon, I could change how I react to it. I have faith that things will work out for both of us, whether we cross paths again in the future or not, things will turn out great and we would look back with a great smile and say “I am glad these all happened.”

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That’s a very positive way to look at things.  I’m glad you get the extra time together