Lessons I have learnt from my last relationship

Even though I am still very heart broken for me and my boyfriend are parting ways soon.  I am very very grateful for the sweet times we shared. He has inspired me to look at the world from a different angle.

As our relationship is coming to an end, I would like to wrap up what I have learnt from him/ from our interactions –

About time

1, Focus your time on what matters – you don’t need to overdress when your partner love you for you (he grabbed the first shirt and pants off the pile and still managed to look good, in my eyes)

2, Be super focused and concentrated in the things you do – one thing at a time (then you could work more efficiently)

3, Evaluate the feasibility before you execute it – He had a school project and the group have jumped on the the first idea they have without exploring other possibilities. He thinks it’s not going to work out and left the group early on. The group failed miserably.

4, The 80/20 rule

About life

1, There are a lot of amazing things in life to look forward to – keep an interest in everything that is around you

2, Be very observant about things that is happening around you, then you could integrate/ apply what you have learnt from one area to another

3, If you don’t have an interest – Put yourself out there, try a lot of different things and you would know what you like and not like

About money

1, Spend your money on what you like – not out of impulse (think about why you want it, and purchase on value items instead)

2, Investing money > Money deposit/ Meaningless consumption (If you don’t have money on investment, you should invest on yourself e.g. read books/ learn a new skill)

About family/ peer/ societal pressure 

1, You are the master of your own life – don’t spend time on satisfying other’s expectation (His parents want him to be a doctor and he went for an Economics degree instead. While all his friends are investment bankers, he chose to be a management consultant instead – because it is where his passion lies, and it is what makes him happy) -> You don’t need to compare with others.

About life struggle

1, If there is something you do not want to do, think about the consequences of not doing it. Do what would not make you regret later in life.

2, If you are not happy with your current situation in life, do something about it instead of whining and ranting – make a change

3, Focus on the solution instead of the problem – if it is something you cannot control, change the way you react to it (He felt unfulfilled with the scope of work in his first job, he searched for other jobs instead) (At work, he didn’t get along his manager, he changed his mindset and the “game” changed)

About work

1, Attention to details is very important

2, Say something meaningful in meeting – be succinct, go straight to the point, don’t waste other’s time

3, If there is something that you are uncertain about, ask for clarifications instead of guessing and making assumptions

About careers

1, Choose a career that aligns with your long-term goal – you should look at the bigger picture

About interviews

1, Just be happy – 99% of the actions you do have no consequence, so there is no reason for you to be annoyed, anxious, stressed

2, The importance of storytelling – think about why you want to join the company and craft your experience/ story around it



Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me, and thank you for choosing to love me.  Meeting you is a blessing. I wish you an amazing life in London.

I love you.


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