Not much.

Thought I would sit down and write since I find myself at the computer again. My battery backup took a poo that I had my computer plugged into so I just bought a surge protector and it has a little light showing if the plug is grounded. Guess what’s not grounded lol. Oh well I’ll get that resolved eventually I’m not super worried about it. There is a new breaker box in the house they just didn’t bother to run all new wiring… go figure.


Things have been good around here still. Looked at my bills the other day and we are doing wonderful with them. Even have extra money! Shocking!!! Steve is enjoying his new job. Although he just worked an almost 12 hour which could have been 16 hour shift. That does make him a bit testy but really isn’t a huge deal for him. I think paying off my car was one of the best things I could have done earlier this year. Now to try to pay down the credit card instead of putting to much more on it. Although more will be put on it because house improvements need done. Including a fence for my doggies. That one I’m hoping will be happening soon. I took off the first week of June and am hoping to get some of it done even if it’s just the measuring planning and buying part.


My mom is having surgery on her hands June 4th to help with her arthritis. She has the bumps that you can get all over her hands so they are to go in and remove them i guess. I took the time off so i can visit a bit with her as well while she heals up.


Not really had much else going on. So I guess that’s it for now.



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